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The Deutsche Bank Overhang: An Update

We sent another letter to Nevada gaming regulators on May 19, 2016 to update them on Deutsche Bank’s most recent legal and regulatory developments and to strongly urge they call the bank forward for a suitability review in order to protect the integrity of Nevada’s casino industry.

Fidelity Would Have Valued Station Casinos at $9.19 at the End of January

If Fidelity bond funds valued at Station Casinos at an estimated $9.19 per share at the end of January, what will Fidelity equity funds value the company at if they decide to participate in the upcoming Red Rock Resorts IPO? Will Fidelity ask itself, internally, how Station Casinos could have doubled in value in less than three months?

More Growth Questions about the Las Vegas Locals Gaming Market

Economic data from federal agencies and gaming data from the Gaming Control Board suggest the current recovery in the Las Vegas area is moving slower than a previous post-recession recovery. Furthermore, we identify a potential limit to the current recovery in terms of the slot win percentage. Growing casino revenue through tighter slots has its limits.

Deutsche Bank Would Have Valued Red Rock at $5.39 Per Share a Year Ago

According to a 2/17/15 Deutsche Bank analyst report, Station Casinos LLC, as of 12/31/2014, was estimated to have an enterprise value to be $2.59 billion with an implied an equity valuation of $624.6 million. Investors should ask Deutsche Bank how, in its opinion, the value of Station Casinos could have more than tripled in little over a year.

Dividends on Your Second-Class Red Rock Shares? Don’t Count on It

With questionable prospects for growth and poor corporate governance, investors in the Red Rock IPO might want to look to dividends for a reason to invest in Red Rock. But, as a result of its other obligations, there is no certainty the company will be able to pay dividends at a level that satisfies public shareholders.

Red Rock Resorts is a Second-Class Gaming IPO

Investors who buy Red Rock’s second-class shares on offer will gain a minority (33%) stake in the once-bankrupt Las Vegas casino and tavern operator, Station Casinos. The terms of the offering beg questions about company insiders’ confidence in its long-term prospects. Prospective investors should ask management the following questions