Questions about “Durango Station”

Is there market demand for another Las Vegas Locals casino? How many “Durango Station” customers will come from Red Rock Casino? How will “Durango Station” compete against nearby mixed-use developments? What will happen to the Flamingo/I-215 site after "Durango Station"?

Red Rock Resorts Public Shareholders Vote for Change

Red Rock Resorts should listen to public shareholders and adopt majority voting for directors and take steps to eliminate the dual-class share structure.

Three Reasons to Eliminate Red Rock’s Dual-class Voting Structure

In the words of a recent Wall Street analyst report: “RRR’s dual-class share structure is suboptimal for most investors and has historically been an impediment to valuation optimization.”

Why did UBS start lending to Fertittas and stop lending to Red Rock? [updated 4.28.21]

Why did UBS end up by lending to the Fertittas personally but not to the public-traded company they controlled? And what caused the Fertittas to take on the margin loan in the first place?

New Costs to Pressure Margins at Station Casinos

In December, Station Casinos announced a company-wide new benefits…

Red Rock Resorts Silent on Sports Betting

Public investors in Red Rock Resorts should ask: Does management have plans to pursue sports betting or other gaming opportunities outside of Nevada? If not, why not?